Anticipated timeline of Events.

As of 05/05/2021 the following is a guide. (mix of fixed, and projected dates by investors).
Credit to Zoros (LSE) for the dates being updated.

Q2/21. Refined and remodelled drill testing @ Scallywag (Swan / Teach / Architeuthis).
04/21. Juri JV drilling commences (Goliath / Outamind / Los Diablos / Parlay).
NCM invests $3m over the first 2 yrs. $17m over the following 3 yrs.
04/21. Rigs at Paterson Range East and Black Hills. (Tama, N5,A9).
03/21. NCM seeking approvals and permissions for underground mine @ Hav.
Q2/21. MRE(2)Inferred for SE Crescent/adjacent Breccia/Northern Breccia.
Q2/21. MRE(Indicated) for SE Crescent and Breccia.
12/05/21. Ernest Giles mining rights expire. (Applications in to renew mining rights (30/3/21))
06/21. NCM Interim report.
06/21. GDXJ quarterly rebalance. .
22/07/21. NCM June quarterly results.
19/08/21. NCM full yearly results.
09/21. NCM Interim report.
09/21. GDXJ quarterly rebalance. .
28/10/21. NCM September quarterly results.
26/11/21. Firetower/Warrentinna mining rights expire.
Q2/21. Completion of Box Cut. [Decline commences. 420m deep / 3km long @ 8m/day].
Q3/21. Possible admission to GDX?
Q3/21. Havieron PFS. (On completion, NCM will own 70% Hav).
H2/21. Drilling programme commences – Rudall.
12/21. GDXJ quarterly rebalance. .
12/21. Option for NCM to take over management @ Juri JV.
Q1/22. Decline and ventilation shafts complete.
Q1/22. SLC (or the option for Stoping) commences @ main ore body.
Q2/22. First pour? High grade, low output.
Q3/22. F.S. Decision to bulk mine (as a JV) to be made by NCM and GGP.
Q3/22. Bulk mine construction commences. [Additional 1200m deep / 8km long @ 8m/day].
08/07/22. Bromus mining rights expire.
01/11/23. Panorama mining rights expire.
Q1/25. NCM may acquire additional 5% interest.
Q2/25. Full production commences. Possibly sooner?