Anticipated timeline of Events.

As of 18/09/2021, the following is a guide. (mix of fixed, and projected dates by investors).
Credit to Zoros (LSE) for the dates being updated.

His full roadmap can be found on his investor page here.

September 2021

09/21. Juri JV (4 x assays) gold @ Goliath / Outamind.
10/21. Los Diablos / Parlay / remaining Saddle reef assays due.
Q3/21. MRE(Indicated) for SE Crescent and adjacent Breccia zones.
Q4/21. Havieron PFS. (On completion, NCM will own 70% Hav JV).
12/21. MRE(2)(Inferred) for SE Crescent, adjacent breccia and Northern breccia zone.
09/09/21. NCM Interim report.
09/21. GDXJ quarterly rebalance.
28/10/21. NCM September quarterly results.
11/11/21. MSCI quarterly Index Review (effective 01/12/21).
26/11/21. Firetower/Warrentinna mining rights expire.
H2/21. Drilling programme commences – Rudall.
09/12/21. NCM Interim report.
12/21. GDXJ quarterly rebalance. .
12/21. Option for NCM to take over management @ Juri JV.
27/01/22. NCM December quarterly results.
2022. Growth drilling programme planned. 70,000 – 85,000m @ Hav.
2022. Drilling commences @ Ernest Giles.
09/02/22. MSCI quarterly index review(effective 01/03/22).
12/05/22. MSCI quarterly index review(effective 01/06/22).
Q2/22. D.F.S. Decision to Bulk Mine (as a JV) to be made by NCM / GGP.
[NCM loan of $50m runs out on completion of DFS]
[Decision to mine will result in payment of 145M shares to Pacific Trends Resources].
08/07/22. Bromus mining rights expire.
11/08/22. MSCI quarterly Index Review (effective 01/09/22).
Q3/22. Exploration decline and ventilation shafts complete. (@ est rate of: 155m/month).
Q3/22. First pour? [Commemorative Ingots?].
Q3/22. Bulk Mine decline commences. [1200m deep / 8km long @ 350m/month?][22 mths].
Q4/22. Stoping starts @ main ore body. (
10/22. Byrnecut contract for first decline terminates.
10/11/22. MSCI quarterly index review (effective 01/12/22).
Q4/23. SLC full commercial production commences (est; 2-3 years from start of 1st decline).
(High grade, low output. (Possibly mixed with existing Telfer grades)).
01/11/23. Panorama mining rights expire.
Q3/24. Bulk Mine construction begins (access and ventilation shafts).
Q1/25. NCM may acquire additional 5% interest.
2028. Bulk mine production. (SLC and Bulk Mining, operating in tandem).
2042. Sub Level Caving estimated end of life.
2053. Bulk Mining estimated end of life.