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On The 8th August 2020, Threeturn a fairly new arrival to the board made this post, it is a really well thought out piece, and should be read by all new investors of Greatland Gold.

The original post is here,

NB. I am a massive fan of an online spell checker, it highlighted a couple of minor spelling and grammar bits, (abbreviations and the such), I have corrected to make this easier to read.

After seeing many panicky and frustrated posts during the week and at the risk of being slated I thought I’d post the following for some of the newer investors here…btw figures used are approximated!

Until end of Dec 2019 the SP had been “stuck” at just below 2p for ages then approx 125% increase

Feb “stuck” at around 5p for about 50 days then approx 75% increase

May “stuck” at around 9p for 30 days then approx 30% increase.

June “stuck at around 12p for approx. 40 days then approx 15% increase

We have now been “stuck” at about 14p for all of 15 days.

I for one am happy with all these rises. What other share could you be in that gives the level of confidence of SP security that this company does with gold and copper in the ground, sound management and a commited, active major mining company firmly on board? A 2p to 14p increase in 7 months!

In general, increases will always get smaller, the higher the Mcap of a company. The January increase of 125% represented an increase in value of the company of about £90 million. If the company did that 125% overnight now it would mean an increase of £642 million.

I can understand some of the frustration of many who have recently invested here after reading the GGP story to date but with mining stocks at this stage of development patience is needed. IMO it will move significantly up in the coming months but if you have come into GGP expecting a quick 5 or 10 multibagger your are probably in the wrong place.

There seem to be a lot of new investors coming in to the mining sector, naively driven by the belief it is easy to “get rich quick” from investing, through reading Twitter and other social ramping (not including PG in these by the way, who posts well researched facts and data). Here’s a message for you all from a sanctamonious old git whose been there, won, lost, learned and now as a result, has a lot more wins than losses:

You can get rich, but like anything else, it takes hard work, commitment and time. So, have patience, take the time to read around and understand the companies you are investing in…look at their history…read RNSs, articles and reports going back a couple of years. Don’t rely on other people doing the research for you…most are not as thorough or *expert* as they’ll have you believe. Study the forums and boards and over time find a few people who regularly post with knowledge rather than speculation…ignore most of the rest. Don’t be obsessed with finding 10, 20 and 30 baggers. Use your time to find good businesses like GGP that IMO will over time give you increases far and above the average market rates with lower risks. But then I could be wrong so DYOR 😉