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LSE User; “Zoros” Maintains a diary of anticipated dates looking forward.
which can be found here.

As well as this he maintains a “toolbox of information that you may find useful in your research.

The following is essential reading:
1. Greatland Gold website. [].
2. GGP helpdesk. [].
3. GGP stock analysis. [].
4. Example of Block caving [].
5. Example of Hav mining construction []
6. Visualising the life cycle of a mineral resource [

the-life-cycle-of-a-mineral-discovery]. The Lassonde Curve.

Here is what you have bought into:

15 out of 15 exceptional official news releases and updates on
Inferred 4.2MOz Au Eq reported. (From SE crescent and breccia only).
A prediction that additional resources @ Hav will increase 2 or 3 fold – in 2021.

Joint Venture agreement with competent Major partner. Securing GGP’s future Hav funding.
Telfer processing plant nearby. Already fully operational.
Mine @ Havieron under construction now (roads/accom/decline)
All approvals and permits obtained.
420m deep and 3km long decline to motherlode starts May 2021.
Income generation on completion of Decline. [Stoping / SLC].
Full production starts (block cave technique) – 2024.
Regional drilling ongoing (JV with NCM) (Juri). Financed until 2026.
GGP financed @ Hav for the remainder of 2021.