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November 2021. HAVIERON

14/05/21. Decline commences. (420m deep / 2.6km long).
15/07/21. Mine is officially open.
09/21. At Hav, additional significant grades were identified between 1200m and 1450m.
Significant grades identified in N breccia. Potential to expand original
MRE(inferred). E breccia 600m extended strike length.
Q4/21 90,000m growth drilling continues until July 2022.
Q4/21. 24 Assays pending.
12/10/21. Hav PFS. (Stage 4 complete. NCM earns 70 %. Qualifies for extra 5% @ fair value).
10/11/21. NCM AGM.
26/11/21. Firetower/Warrentinna mining rights expire.
09/12/21. NCM Interim report.
12/21. Option period to buy 5% commences (deadline: 12/22).
12/21. GDXJ quarterly rebalance..
12/21. Option for NCM to take over management @ Juri JV.
H2/21. Drilling programme commences – Rudall.
27/01/22. NCM December quarterly results.
16/02/22. NCM Half Year results.
Q1/22. Ventilation shaft construction commences.
Q1/22. MRE(2)(Inferred) for extended SE Crescent and breccia / N. breccia zone.
27/04/22. NCM March quarterly results.
2022. Drilling commences @ Ernest Giles.
Q4/22. D.F.S. The decision to be made to Bulk Mine (as a JV) by NCM / GGP.
[NCM loan of $50m runs out on completion of DFS].
[Decision to mine will result in payment of 145m shares to Pacific Trends Resources].
08/07/22. Bromus mining rights expire.
Q3/22. Exploration decline and ventilation shafts complete.
Q4/22. Bulk Mine decline commences. [1200m deep / 8km long].
Q4/22. Sub Level Open Stoping (SLOS (subject to change)) construction commences.
10/22. Byrnecut contract for first decline terminates.
01/11/23. Panorama mining rights expire.
H1/24. SLC first Ore (Jul ‘23 to Jun ‘24).
Q3/26. Block Cave Mine (BCM) construction begins (access and ventilation shafts).
2028. BCM production. (SLC and Bulk Mining, operating in tandem).
2031. Stoping estimated end of life-based on:(13Mt/2MozAuEq/2Mt/yr).
2033. Stoping estimated end of life-based on:(26Mt/2.9MozAuEq/3Mt/yr).
2053+. BCM estimated end of life.

As well as this he maintains a “toolbox of information that you may find useful in your research.

Havieron PFS and beyond:
The PFS covered 53Mt of ore resource identified in the MMRE(inferred)(10.12.20).
This accounts for approximately 6% of the SE Crescent / N Breccia resourced during the MMRE (Current mother lode size: approx 900Mt).
28% of the MRE(inferred) is now uplifted to MRE(indicated): 2MozAuEq.
To date 1.7% of the SE Crescent / N Breccia now ‘indicates’ 2MozAuEq.
And all of that is from the SE crescent only.
In Q1/22 a MRE2(inferred) will be published. This will update (not upgrade) the remaining 72% of the original MMRE from additional infilling and additional growth drilling figures.

But before you attempt to interpolate; a reminder that the best grades have been offered up for publication (MRE(indicated)) for obvious reasons (4g/t). A lot of the remaining 72% should come in at an estimated 1.4g/t. And of course the entire (current) mother lode (650 x 350 x 1200+) won’t be mined either! Each of you will have your own calculations on (a) the eventual size of the mother lode and (b) grade of resources therein…to determine the final amount of AuEq resource available.

Bear in mind, we are only talking about the current SE crescent/N Breccia volume as defined by the MMRE because this is all that NCM have been able to drill and explore to date. This is what the PFS is about, this is what Stage 1 (starter mine) is about (SLOS).

Stage 2: Continue drilling to increase the maiden resource. Publish a MRE2(inferred) for SE Crescent (Q1/22) to reflect this additional drilling. Complete the DFS (Q4/22).

Stage 3: MMRE(inferred) for Eastern Breccia. Additional MRE(inferred) for N Breccia.
Update MRE(indicated) for SE Crescent. Decline completes.

Stage 4: [2023/24] mine the SE Crescent. MRE(indicated) N Breccia. MRE2(inferred) E Breccia.



(This website cannot take any responsibility for the quality of the research in the links below. They are private investors links, and may or may not be factually correct.)

The following is essential reading:

  1. Greatland Gold website. [].
  2. GGP heldesk. [].
  3. GGP stock analysis. [].
  4. Example of “Stoping” [].
  5. Example of Hav mining construction []
  6. Visualising the life cycle of a mineral resource [
    the-life-cycle-of-a-mineral-discovery]. The Lassonde Curve.
    Here is what you have bought into: (tunnelling engineers)
    Latest company report on Havieron (July 2021):
    Latest from the CEO (GGP) (22nd July 2021):
    J.V. agreement with global Major.
    17 out of 17 exceptional official news releases and updates on Havieron.
    MRE (Inferred) 4.2Moz Au Eq reported. (SE crescent and breccia only).
    Updated MRE(indicated) expected before PFS.
    MRE(inferred) in Dec 2021.
    PFS expected in Q4 2021.
    Telfer processing plant nearby. Fully operational.
    Extended lifex of 2 years (Aug 2021) to accommodate Havieron output.
    Regional drilling ongoing (JV with NCM) (Juri). Financed until 2026.
    Initial assays (09/21) indicate gold mineralisation.
    Standalone regional drilling ongoing.
    Byrnecut (employed by NCM) tunnel decline to ore body. Byrnecut contract ends Oct 2022.
    GGP financed @ Hav up to and including the FS. Decision will then be made to jointly Bulk
    mine. Estimated total costs of construction of bulk mine @ Hav (2021 prices) $1.5Bn (US).
    What is the GGP Share Price worth: