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“Minimise equity dilution now and maximise value for shareholders”

IN 2016, GH stated that if more funding was required it would turn to its supportive shareholders.

GH being interviewed three years ago on the initial purchase of Havieron for 750 thousand Australian dollars.

In the interview on 18 May this year he stated “Hopefully we’re at the point where its a decision to mine. Then we share the upfront capital costs according to our share at that time and at that time we would have 30% they would have 70%.”

“Now they do have the right to buy 5% at “fair market value” at that time from us. If they do that will be a BIG amount of CASH that will come in at that time. Which will obviously, that may cover a lot of our costs in terms of the up front capital that we’ll require. But whatever the case we’d be looking to debt finance any amounts that we need to do this”

“The key is to minimise equity dilution now and maximise value for shareholders. On a project like this I am sure that we could get some, well, I am optimistic that we could get debt financing for our share of any upfront capital costs”.

When a DeRamper Strikes.

To new investors: xxxxxxxxxxxxx is a known deramper. We don’t know if it is because he is shorting this share, or hoping to drive the price lower so he can get a lower entry price, or if he is working for someone who benefits from a lower price. His arguments have been refuted so many times that it has become boring to keep doing so and clutters the board.

If you have questions about things he has said, you may find the answers here: or Also, a private investor has put this site together which most of us here think is really helpful:

If you still have questions about something he said that you’d like someone else to answer, feel free to post them here, and we’ll try to answer them.